Introduction of Super Unique Units

Remember games like diablo where to increase enemy diversity (in a cheap way) they introduced special versions of normal units that had OP attributes and deadly special skills?

I d like to see these OP versions of normal units spawn randomly as u summon your units during raids (or as defence units r summoned in waves).

When they are spawned u ll get a thunder sound effect and a message saying “Timmy the Fearless knight has arrived” or “Archie the head shot archer” or “Blaze the Incinerator fire mage” or “Zeus the Blaster cannon has arrived”, etc.

The mesage will appear in the same way as when the game announces u that the primal beast has be summoned. U ll be seeing the super unique unit’s approach same way u see the primal beast on the map.

As for the super unique’s attributes and special skills…I have no idea…I leave it completely to FG’s creative team to decide, I like surprises :slight_smile:

The factors that will determine the frequency of the appearances of the Super Unique Units could be special items, could be event rewards, could be a new castle building???..I dont know…U let me know my fellow forum members