Introductional text to this section could need attention

I am referring to the introductional text of this section.

While I think it is a good advice to tell people what a good suggestion should and should not have, this text sounds a little demotivational. Also mentioning to follow the Code of Conduct seems not necessary as this is applicable for the whole forum, not especially this section. Sorry to say, but it really sounds like someone was fed up reading the players ideas.

Also, there is one point I do not understand. It is said in this text not to pick up old ideas or „necromancer“ old threads. It is a funny word, but I think you are „ogering“ things with it. ?

In fact not long ago there was a time when nobody from Flare was really reading the Forums. No feedback, nothing. People kept posting ideas and feature requests anyways. I agree, most were not very realistic or usable. But sometimes there were little or bigger gems to find. So, if once posted, we really can not pick them up again? Without knowing if anybody from Flare ever has read them?

Very rarely Devs said this or that was a good idea and it will be discussed. Though most of the time you would never again hear of that idea or even that Developer again. So, my suggestion is to change this for the better, not make such discouraging and strict rules. Encourage people! Maybe even give away a few gems once in a while for good and usable suggestions. Or even sometimes let people know *why* this or that is difficult to implement in the game. Seeing the latest implementations from Flare itself (Conquest) and also all of its weaknesses and difficulties to fit in the game, every good suggestion should be at least be worth considering.