Inventory Guide

I have searched to find information in regards to inventory, i.e. crowns, caps, suits, boots, weapons, etc. I would like to know the meaning of the STARS on the left of each item and the NUMBERS that are in the ribbon on the right of each item. Please elaborate as much as possible.

You can check this page

5 stars means uber item (has three perks)

4 stars means legendary items (has two perks but you can forge a perk thrice to get the third perk)

3 stars epic items

2 stars rare items

1 star common item

The numbers on ribbons are item levels which are based on the players levels, after a player reaches 110 level the player will get 130 level items.

Levels Uber items are usually 25 to 30 plus levels than the players level. So if a player is of 90 level he will get uber items of 115 to 120 levels. 

And the ribbon shows also a additional number with item level. Its the number of times the item is forged. Bdw the item i am adding is a pro item.