Inventory Improvements

First of all i don’t know why you added the option to meltdown multiple items from the inventory and not also the most common option to melt down the item directly from its “Item details” screen like this:

Second i’d like that the inventory had filters…i’d like that it would group the items by:

  • model: (so all prospector’s set i should be able to find it in 1 click, all Chloris set in 1 click, all omega set in 1 click, etc etc)
  • by perks: (so if i select luck perk from the filters i should be able to see all items that i own with the luck perk bonus!)
  • recent items filter: (the last unlocked/found items i should be able to see them at the start of the inventory if i set the filter to “recent unlocked”)
  • etc

Third, this is not the first time we suggest this. I’m pretty sure you read it and/or forgot it at the same time.

Thanks for understanding.

Also the melt button should show how much pearls you’ll get besides/instead of how much gold it costs to melt it.

Also a better way to handle inventory would be to have item group tabs (helmets, gloves etc) or shortcuts so that you wouldn’t have to scroll through your entire inventory to get to buckles or boots.

Both of these were long suggested but they decided to go with multimelting for whatever reason.


LOL I don’t imagine the one who have 130,150 or 200 inventory slots over 3 years.

‘’ Well I gonna look my inventory…where is the uber I got?’’

1 hour later…

‘‘I don’t find it…ok I will look again’’

a another 1 hour later…

‘‘Nevermind I will check a another time’’

Effectively the inventory should be have a filter. In OR we don’t need it because each item are on different hero. In RR2 all items are mix together A,B,C,D so at the end its a mess to find something.

Specifically the damn items who are not settings in any set.Start to check each time the one who don’t flashing in white. I hate lose like 10,20 or 30 min to check what items are not match and what items I must change,etc…

We have already a filter for each section head only head gear,cape for cape.However in the overall items its a mess maybe made it by filter the same way : helmet by helmet,glove by glove,etc… or why not by quality : epic with epic,legendary with lengendary,uber with uber and Pro with Pro. More easy to find something

YES! You want a cardboard box to hold all your stuff sir? That’ll cost you 3,000,000,000 dollars! Stupid.

And, as part of our special offer, each new box you buy will cost 20% more than the previous one you bought.

Who even comes up with this nonsense?