Inventory Tower/Obstacle Upgardes

Hi- I don’t know if this topic has been discussed before.

I want to make a suggestion followed by a discussion.


The Spell has it!

The Units have it!


“upgrades” in the INVENTORY.


Then why not the towers/obstacles? Why do we need to place the tower/obstacle (lowering the defence) to upgrade the same? They should be upgraded in the inventory itself. 


The devs. can make the upgrade depending on the workers available, in this way, I don’t have to bring a weak tower/obstacle out into the gameplay and upgrade it. It can be upgraded, and used when a specific boost is on the way. Also, since most of the upgrades at higher levels are expensive, you don’t expect a player to bring out his bomb tower (example) and upgrade it. He can do that in his inventory and then use it when a boost is provided.



Any Suggestions?



It should be a must but there isn’t  :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately it’s not possible and you have to locate a weak tower in the base while upgrading.

Maybe this thread will bring the change. Hope so.

I’m gonna move this to the “NOT Dawn of Steel” Forum because I’m sure that’s where it should be as DoS doesn’t have spells, bomb towers, or workers. We have robots for that stuff. And this spell stuff you talk of, is just an out dated version of what we call technology!

Fireballs? Bah. We blow up Planets here.