Investigating an issue with Conquest

[Royal Revolt 2]
Update3 (19:53 CET):
Unfortunately, the last Live Server Update we performed also couldn’t fully fix the problem. We therefore decided to cancel the current Conquest (with another LSU) and reschedule it for tomorrow 15.00 UTC. Since some alliances were able to play for quite some time, while others weren’t, this would have made a fair event impossible.

Alliances who were able to get started, will get all spent resources back tomorrow.
Sorry about that, but this seems to be the fairest solution.

Dear players,
Unfortunately, the fix seems to not have fixed the issue completely. We will continue our investigation.

Dear players,
We are aiming to start Conquest at 17:00 UTC today (21.11.2019).

We have just performed an LSU that hopefully fixed the issue. You should also see an in-game timer now.
We will also extend this Conquest for 2 hours to make up for the missing time.
Once again, apologies for the delay!
Good luck in your fights!

Dear players,
We are investigating an issue with Conquest not starting at all. Thank you for your patience while we are looking into this. Once we have more information, we will share it here.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you!


Hi guys, please note that the correct time is 15:00 UTC today!
Sorry for the confusion!