Investigating an issue with the Ninja Event Reward Tiers

Dear Kings and Queens,

thanks for making us aware of the problem with the current Ninja Event’s Tier sorting that many of you are facing right now. We are currently working on a fix for the issue and plan on putting it live in the beginning of next week. We will inform then about the bugfix and the compensation.

We apologzie for the inconvenience and wish all of you a nice weekend.

Your Royal Revolt 2 - Team


Hello everybody,

we just performed a Live Server Update to fix the issue. Every player should get the rewards of the Tier they signed up for at the end of the Event.

Additionally, every player will receive a Compensation Chest.

Have a nice day;


Hello again,

Quick headsup:
It seems like some of you are still on a wrong Tier. In order to fix this bug and ensure that every player gets their right rewards, we will extend this week’s Ninja Event by 2 hours.


Everybody should now have gotten their correct rewards.

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