Investigating issue with the Ninja Event Reward Tiers

Dear Kings and Queens,

Unfortunately, we have once again experienced an unforeseen issue with the Ninja Event’s Tier sorting that may have caused some of you to be sorted into the wrong Tiers. We have already identified the issue and are currently working on a fix that will be put live soon.

Once the fix is live, you will get the correct rewards for the Tier you signed up for at the end of the Event, even if you have now ended up in a tier that was lower than the one you desired.

We would once again like to apologize for the inconvenience.
We wish all of you a nice weekend,
Your Royal Revolt 2 - Team


The maintenance is now done and the issue should be fixed for everyone.

If by any chance, at the end of the Event you don’t receive the correct rewards, please submit a ticket for our Customer Support Team here and we will further investigate the matter.