Investigating Issues with Season Conquest Quest

Dear :crown: Kings and :crown: Queens,

We are currently investigating why the Season Conquest Quests are not being displayed accordingly for all our players.

If you are one of the affected players, you can find a list of the Quest completion conditions based on your Conquest tier below. Even if the Season Quest is not displayed correctly for you, if you fulfill the one for your tier, once the setup issue is resolved, you will receive your Season XP retroactively.

Conquest: Novice Scouts and Seasoned Scouts

  • Earn 2 Conquest Rewards
  • Alliance: Explore 25% of the Conquest Map
  • Alliance: Research 3 technologies

Conquest: Veteran Scouts and Novice Explorers

  • Earn 3 Conquest Rewards
  • Alliance: Explore 30% of the Conquest Map
  • Alliance: Research 4 technologies

Conquest: Seasoned Explorers, Veteran Explorers, and Novice Adventurers

  • Earn 5 Conquest Rewards
  • Alliance: Explore 35% of the Conquest Map
  • Alliance: Research 5 technologies

As soon as we have updates, we will let you know. You might want to keep an eye on this post and our official communication channels during the following days.
Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Stay safe,

Your Royal Revolt 2 - Team


:mega: We just performed a Live Server Update to implement the Fix for Conquest Season Quest Issue

Thank you for your patience,
Your Royal Revolt 2 - Team

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