⚔️Invictus⚔️ Rising

Hey guys,

We like to announce the birth of two new alliances: ⚔️Invictus⚔️ and Invictus Rising. Let’s go into details!

Tired of your general wasting strikes, your teammates going rogue only for better chests or simply your alliance being a phantom one? Check our Invictus community!

:crossed_swords:Invictus​:crossed_swords: Minimum Requirements:

Level Ascension: 100

Third hero activated

Donation: 100k (preferably 150+)

Trophy count: 6000+ 


Invictus Rising Minimum Requirements:

Level Ascension: 70

Donation: 50k

Team player with Line preferred. Communication necessary

If you don’t meet the requirements for ⚔️Invictus⚔️ but still want to be part of our group, you’ll rise from our second alliance when you’re ready to fight the big guys. 

Feel free to join our alliances directly or leave here your character name here if you are interested. Search for my character TheRapture, if you can’t use the special characters in ⚔️Invictus⚔️

Sounds good, invite me Rapthoro, i want to be apart of :crossed_swords:Invictus​:crossed_swords: i meet all the requirements ?

Very pleasant to see this :slight_smile: good work

Add me to the main :crossed_swords:Invictus:crossed_swords: alliance. I am level 100. Third hero activated. 5750 trophies. 250k Donation. I have applied to the alliance. My in game name is also RadioBat

We still have a couple of slots free for active players, please check the requirements above. Currently going with 10 standard blessings and 4 war blessings. Have fun!

2 free slots at the moment. Be part of the :crossed_swords:Invictus​:crossed_swords: group :slight_smile:

haha, nice :wink:

It’s fun

Newly entered in League of Gods, :crossed_swords:Invictus :crossed_swords: has one open spot with more to be made available soon. Leave a message if you’re interested or search for us in game.