Invite card


Titan code spam goes here: 


@dumpster No Eonn don’t have post his Titan code lol. If you click on the link. He invite everyone in a real life birthday ofr his grandpa. Like the title said its a Invitation Card. So if some person is interested to go in his party. If its not that probably just a troll lol. That have nothing to do with games. He should have post that in Off topic section. You can move this to the right section if you want

Then it should go to the offtopic section! :wink:

There was a titan code posted by eon, which dumpster replaced with this link. Since he cannot delete stuff, thats the way he deals with titan code spam.

P.S. if this was sarcasm from you guys, then sry for not picking that up, atmospheric pressure debilitates my mental abilities it seems