Invite Players To Earn Gems

More Ways To Earn Gems!    


     Here’s a suggestion I think will benefit both the players and Flaregames. I think there should be a way to use your facebook account to invite friends to play Royal Revolt 2. Once your friend gets their character to a certain level (level 20 for example) then the person who invited them gets a certain amount of gems. And of course, there should be a limit to how many friends you can invite and earn rewards for. 

     Something like this would get more players into Royal Revolt and it will make those players find the game to be more interesting because they have their friends to play with in-game. What do you think? ^^


I think it is a good idea :slight_smile:

I support this idea, even though I don’t have any friends :'3

If this was implemented in the game then the total population of the game would increase dramatically I think within a couple of days.