wtf … on another dvice i made an account and entred the friend code … but i dont get an uber chest???

flare why dont you just throw that whole friendship code tickets system overboard . it was a fail from teh start and now it aint working either . whats teh use of inviting people who might earn you money and we get not rewarded ??? what a waste pf a game realy. this game is all about flare … me me me me me me me me me me,player ,me me me me me me me.


They need to level up, just sending the invite isn’t good enough.

opening uberchest with friendcode will not good for server. alot of player will creat a dummy account only to open the chest. my suggestion: dont lock friend ubercheast or your server filled with junk.  :wink:

anyway I did this  :stuck_out_tongue: , just bored to wait until someone enter my friendcode  :rolleyes:

You are right, either you have to bother your friends and they create a dummy account to open the chest or  you do it on your own.

Lol ,after knowing that  you guys admit cheating to get that chest rather than invite actually friend , flare probably gonna make using gems is the only way to open it .
I could allways ask my roommate to enter my code for me but i wont do it anyway , i tried to invite a bunch of fb games friend playing this and most of them quit by now (rage quit) so i just gonna let it expire rather than bring this game to them .
If flare said they give you uder chest for free , it shouldnt have that really big button with a number of gems on it ( wtf ? right ? ) . lmao

am I cheating flaregames?, then the answer is yes with creating dummy account  :ph34r:. but you know that flaregames also cheating your pocket  :lol:. 1500 gems for 5 ubercheast? it should appear when you have less gems  :rolleyes: