Hi everybody!

I realized that if you are killed while using the invocations, they are lost. For example, I deal with the odyssey always with islands of ten skulls and of course it is impossible to win without using invocations and this I understand, is a way to naturally select those who spend real money from those who do not. Now, if the concept of ‘pay to win’ is admissible, I find the concept of ‘pay and lose’ inadmissible.

Can this problem be fixed?

Please note that you can obtain gems even without paying for them … so I’d hardly define it a way to “naturally select” real money spenders from the others.

But on topic, it never bothered me that much. Evocation is not to be used as Panic button… they should be planned and used with cold blood and in a smart way… if you just click on evos while in panic with 5% life left and die just after … my friend, that must feel really dumb.

I do feel very dumb if it happens to me at least ^^ dumb tho, not robbed!

Yep, after a few rounds of such death you realize when and where to use them just from looking at the map beforehand… Plus pyrphorus has a hell of a shield, enough for natural regen to heal you if it is decent (mine is 50%)

Dheth I do not agree with what you say. Natural selection, in fact, exists and I show it to you. Without spending money how many gems can you get there? Only few… and certainly not enough to face the 10 skulls odyssey. Normally I (and i’m a strong player) use 21 gems every island and in total there are 25 islands for about 525 gems. If we then consider that we need to prolong the celestial boost etc … your statement is wrong.

Returning to the topic.

If I face the Odyssey with the celebrated hero who is maybe level 15/16, you can have all the cold blood you want but the chance of dying is high, I would say very high. It’s not about figuring out when the right time to use the invocations is, because it also happens that by dealing with my strongest hero, after using the invos with the energy to the maximum, I died few seconds later. I believe that for the invocations the same parameter of the powers should be used, that is, after the resurrection, they should continue. Just to not throw the money, do you understand what I mean?

Nobody is forcing you do do 10 skull adventures. 

You can get 3 titan chests without doing a single 10 skull, if you choose, so by picking 10 over 9 you’re really just playing for an additional .1% enhancement. And you’d save so many resources. 


I took an example guys, do not stubborn on this. It’s the basic concept to be wrong! It can happen in the Odyssey but also in any other attack whether it be towards an opponent diring a war or simple in the map.

So why do the powers continue after the resurrection but invos don’t?

It is logically wrong. What you should do is create mechanisms that encourage and incentivize to use gems instead discouraged… becouse it traslates into a loss of playability for us and turnover for you…

I think some powers end when you die, also, and probably the same ones that end as invocations. Pyro and frenzy both end when you die, but I think Golden Fleece sticks around if you get it off in time, as an invo or as a power.

GF has a built in mechanism for heal over time, so once it is released no channeling is required. Same goes for MG stun, Bia and other spells with Over Time effects. Obviously all effects on hero are lost upon death

Ciao a tutti / hello everybody … i would like timer reset if one dies while gems evocation is active.