Invulnerable basilsk tower

Been around awhile, don’t know if already reported. Periodically the basilisk will come out of hiding, you’ll hit it with a spell and do zero damage. The timing of the spell is definitely AFTER it reappears. I see it most often with hammerstrike, but have seen it with other spells too. Further supporting this not being premature spell release, is it happens with gate tower basilsks too, and they never hide. I suspect some of those still using them at their gates are hoping this bug bails them out.

You have to wait till health bar is displayed on top of Basilisk. I also often mi***** with instant spell when basilisk was up, but health bar not yet displayed. 

This happens to me sooooo many times gg.

Or you could just have sync issues in game… I have them regularly theres no rhyme or reason.

Well other that server issues.? This is getting worse for me as I think they are scaling back servers and that just causes more sync errors.