invulnerable tower


Twice in the past few days I’ve come across a tower that can not be damaged.

The tower sits in the bottom right corner of the available field.

The tower also doesn’t fire. 

So, while I can’t damage the tower, it also can’t damage me, but it makes it impossible to secure a 100% victory, because that tower survives any battle.

I have a player name that utilizes this invulnerable tower, but don’t want to name in forum.


You can either send a PM to our CM or contact support. 


My hammer strike has less then 6 second cool down and a little under 24k blunt. It took 1 minute to take the snake tower down. I can’t give more pictures, won’t let me.

My ign is potraider. 



Look like a regular snake tower.  I dont see the trioxin boost ( no purple color up top, this is green) nor the aura around it.

unless thats the bug or part of the bug is the invincibility.


Yeah. Invincibility glitch.


Just had a skull tower lock up with its cannon pointing upward that couldn’t be damaged in a war battle myself (auto 99%). Using Windows PC and running ogres, wolves, yeti, and knights with sonic, blizzard and firestorm. Guardian was the donkey. The attacked base was that of a normal 70+ alliance, most everything there with a boost and Phoebe. The tower itself was cleared of all things that could heal it and again it was not firing.



I remember this bug was already there since the Happy Birthday Festival 1+ year ago but with firebolt tower


unkillable tower of poison


IGN: zuzuking



IGN :  BoundingLeaf285.

I also had one Fire bolt tower like this. Not able to destroy it but it also did not shoot me. It was kind of broken. My pal was  Fritz. So i was able to get only  2 stars :frowning:. I came back to destroy it but no use.


This must be related with Base layout


Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for showing that to us. It has been already added to our database and we will look into it.