Invulnerable troops? Or it's Photoshop?

I saw an interesting post here:

I want to know if it’s Photoshop or this hack actually exist… 

There are a lot of troll posts on Tieba, I am not really believing that it could actually be done. 

As I know Photoshop a little bit, I believe it’s not that hard to Photoshop the 1st image, but the 2nd is kind of… out of range of “Photoshopable”. 

I remember that Jona said that RR2 cannot be hacked by CE… Can someone confirm this? I don’t want to test it out because I don’t want to get banned.

Well you can see a mile away that was made use of a software, also in another topics ( there were these discussions about the illegal use of this software Cheat Engine (CE) on Royal Revolt, in the picture you showed, there is nothing of photoshopable but he/she used that software to alter values of Knight’s health, also as i know there are also videos on YouTube which show how to use it, but strangely Flaregames leave them doing that so more people watch those videos and more more people will use it ! And in that moment will become unplayable the game !


Cheat Engine is a free software you can’t block or report it (especially if it is gratis), because it’s like you report uTorrent (everybody know what is it but nobody lose time to report people that download music games etc gratis instead of buying them…because there are more important things to do…)

Actually, RR2 can be hacked using Cheat Engine. Yes, sure. But only during the turorial when you freshly started the game. You can change every values of the game to whatever you like including gems. But, when the tutorial was finished and the game connects to the server, everything will be cleared, including the hacks you made. So, the game (yet) remains to be unhackable.

Base on the photos you linked, it appears to be on the tutorial mode with all the buildings seemed to be on level 1. (Other buildings have not yet even constructed.)

You two are saying the opposite things, who is right :confused:

We’re are not saying the opposite, we said instead that the game is still subject of hacking by Cheat Engine, the fact of Photoshop is excluded.