iOS micro-payments and this game (see:

Recently I was notified of certain changes within the iOS developers guidelines which caught my attention.

Apparently Apple is starting to enforce rules when it comes to Apple store apps (with an In-App Purchase option) and what should be taken into account when it comes to “loot-boxes” and other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items (see section 3.1.1 In-App Purchase).

Frankly when implemented I might actually be more inclined to make micro-payments as I would finally see what odds I have at getting additional recourses for my hobby of playing this game.

So I have a questions for FlareGames:

  • When will we be seeing this implementation?
  • Will this then be done for the RR2 Android-app?
  • And of course will this all so come into play for  RR2 Windows store app?

I all so wonder what my fellow forum member(s) think about this? Would you consider micro-payments more when “odd” would be shown?


It’s great this is being enforced, EA got slapped by Disney for it in Star Wars Battlefront, and the big corporations realise how badly the gambling mechanics reflect on them in their app stores.

That’s great. Everything bought with real money (or with currency that is available for real money -> gems) should have the contents and it’s probabilities clearly stated.