iOS10 compatibility

iOS10 will be released coming 13 September. Is Royal Revolt 2 compatible with this OS or should I wait upgrading the OS until further notice?


  • Mas

@MasMiikael I upgraded my IPAD 2 & IPOD to iOS 10 yesterday and have RR2 installed on both and so far I have had no issues with the game.

I have also installed iOS10 on its release date. As i haven’t heard any signs I took the risk and so far no issues. 

@Alysea do your devs test your games when a big OS update is planned to be released? I know Apple notifies their planned updates way before they releases it so devs can make their app compatible with the new OS version. Maybe it would be better to notify the players if they can/cannot upgrade to the latest OS in advance? This to prevent any bugs or crashes caused by the latest OS version. 

Old apps, but not too old, are always compatible with the new releases of Android or iOS.

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