iPad air keeps reconnecting

For quit a while I keep loosing my connection, but only with the game. Internet and other apps are working just fine.

I now wonder where the problem lass? With my iPad or with the game?

Thanks for your support.


I am not a great fan of Ipad. This morning same after got my brand new internet device and speed I don’t see much difference on my ipad. Some games still lagging same if I have a better internet. 750 ms and drop to 34 ms. Some game like WWE Champions still slow and all. I don’t know why Ipad seem to have a problem with internet. I have test on my PC and my game are really speed runner now. I have play Olympus Rising and now my chest open like lightning. I have try to compare game on my ipad and the same game on my PC Bluestack and on my PC the game run like the sound light. No buffering,no lag and on my Ipad always loading,lag and more

I don’t know mobiles are always more difficult than PC. I don’t know why. witth my previous internet speed on PC I got 750 ms and on my Ipad like 1000 ms. Today the same problem. On my PC I have 34 ms and on my Ipad 92 ms. So i have no clue why mobiles are a little more slow than PC

However for some stuffs can be the inverse. With my previous internet that was faster to watch Youtube on my Ipad at 720p and 1080p. On my PC i have trouble to watch something in 480p

One thing its sure its possible can be the game but the majority of time its more the user internet the problem. Before I got so much problem of connection. Since today no more. I can delete over 20 messages by fast clicking without disconnection

Its hard to say can be the game,can be your internet. in my case that why my internet fault. Too slow. Now don’t happen anymore