Ipad Pro 12.9 2018 Lag


I’ve Ipad Pro 12.9 2018 IOS 12.1.1. There are lags in the battle and on the Olympus screen.

I’ve Ipad Pro 12.9 2016 IOS 12.1.1 and everything is fine.

The new Ipad is more powerful, so it’s very strange.



Hi Levia,

Thanks for reporting this. We will look into it :grinning:

Hi Sasch,

Have you managed to get something to do with the problem?



Exactly possible the lag come from your ipad. I have a old Ipad Air 2 and when I play OR on it work like a charm. Smooth and no lag

Your problem is fix since?

I think no. Everything is running well, only the OH lags and only on Olympus screen and in the battle.

Nothing happened yet.

Hi Sasch,

Is there any developments?



Is the problem solved now? My iPad Air works very well. What I want to know is whether the lag issue occurs when you launch an app, such as Mail / Safari. I guess it is probably related to the memory. I don’t know if there are other iPad modelsthat have such issue.

Ipad 4 retina (2013), worked fine until a month ago. Sold it and got a new ipad of 2018 (6th gen - not the latest September new one), and it runs fine. Occasional crash (twice in two months), but I think I had that before. Will check the frequency and report if it continues with bigger frequency.

I would suggest who ever has problems, to check it up against other apps first, with same intensity on battery drain/performance.

I am on 11.4.1 - did not update, possible difference.