Irmgard beast damage type

As far as I can see, pals usually have same damage type with their beast form, but not with Irmgard. Irmgard pal deals blunt damage but the beast deals normal damage. If it’s bug, I wish for the fix. Regards.  :slight_smile:

It’s not a bug my friend it’s like that whether u like it or not… beasts are more powerful compared to their pal forms. 

Yeah, Irmgard does deal a different type of damage, but when he does his special ability, it’s the same type: Blunt Damage. 10k Blunt on his pushback ability. In my opinion, Irmgard is a rather weak beast, but can be deadly if you can’t take him down before his ability

I Think Fritz is really strong ad a beast. Compared to the pal Form the beast Form can also damage the other lane with the skill. And the damage is quite ridiculous 

Yep, remember that in one of the dungeon levels Fritz beast was there. He killed all my ogres, knights and wolfs as being a snowball. Also my hero (Full health) got a massive blow and was killed during first attempt. Second attempt, hero survived, but he destroyed my tent. 

This fritz beast is amazingly strong. I remember I beat that level due to having kaiser along with me (at that moment we just switched alliance and had no war boosts, kaiser took him down, hero almost had no health left) annd kaiser destroyed all remaining towers in time.