IRON WARIORS1 :- Required new active members ?

We are looking for active members who like to fight in wars and are happy to donate.

We have a great team who will assist and help each other so its a fun alliance.

We do expect members to fight and participate in the alliance as its a team thing and that’s the only way it works.

Predominately English speaking…

Apply to join… :slight_smile:

Interested players please apply :slight_smile:


‘The Real Warriors are coming…’


Basic rules of the IRON WARIORS1 alliance
•the alliance is opened for every active membars
•all the members have the right to leave the alliance and try others and even come back
•I, as the general of the alliance will not kick anyone, only in case of not fight in alliance war minimum 3/10
•the IRON WARIORS1 alliance aim is to leads the alliance leaderbord

•Players need hero level 55 and more or more than 1700 tropics

•every player have to donate
•any other rule can be added later even by the members as well :slight_smile:

Go for the glory of the alliance…


only 6 player can come… Hurry guys…