Is 80% still the Max for Luck?

Is 80% still the Max for Luck?

And damn it Flare can’t you tell us in game what the Maxes are? 

I’ve never seen a game without the decency to tell us the maxes!

Look at the 2nd post in this topic.

There is no max for luck, since it’s a minimum.

Essentially, the % on a luck item reduces the odds of getting a skull.  The percentage odds on getting a skull — no reward – with no luck is 25%

So if you have an item with 14.6% luck, it reduces the odds of getting a skull by 14.6%.  The equation is (.25)*(.854)=.2135, so you now  have a 21.35% chance of getting a skull.  

If you have a second item with a 15% luck perk, then it reduces the odds by 15%. So now you have (.2135)*(.85)=(.1815), so now you have an 18.15% chance of getting a skull.

This continues for each luck perk.  I have 8 luck perks of around 13-15% each or so, and when I work them all through I wind up with about a 19% chance of getting a skull, or a 81% max for luck. 

According to Flothaboss’s video the Max is 80%.  I have enough Luck Gear I could be raiding with almost 100% Luck, is it worth going over 80%?  Flothaboss made me think it wasn’t.

Well, as you posted the Flotha vid, yes, it should be 80%, if it’s not then it must be a glitch, cause flaregames said it was 80. Even with that, it doesn’t make it to where you automatically get all 3 chests each time. And, because of all the CoF complaints, I really think that they should go with the Olympus Rising approach to the CoF

That video is from 4 november 2016 as back then there weren’t as many luck items available as there are now, the link I provided a little bit up is from Flaregames developers from March 17 this year with an extra explanation on March 22…