Is Advisor's Scream ability bugged?

In the patch notes video, at least the way I understood it, Advisor’s scream is supposed to make both the Advisor and the King/Queen attack super fast, as per the text visible in the video:

But we actually see her disappearing completely the moment said ability is used instead. This is also the only Guardian who disappears right away as you use their ability. Even the Mecha-Robot-Thingie walks for a while first, before exploding.

I know we’re supposed to use Advisor’s Scream at the very end of her duration, but the way it functions is still not correct in relation to what the video is saying she’s supposed to be doing (the “she joins forces with Hero” part).

So… is this working correctly or not?

Her scream button is the same scream button for the king. Clicking her portrait (the guardian button) tags her out. If you click the button, you tag her out earlier. This is to allow you flexibility on when to tag her out to be able to use your own king’s spell again.