Is Anyone At FlareGames Listening - Cause I have 2 major complaints

I know this has been discussed in other threads - but it seems that the people at FlareGames are only giving lip service to the needs of its customers. I am a level 121 and am presently surrounded by 18 opponents on islands that I have no chance of defeating. The reason being they are, in at least 4 instances, more than 20 levels above me (42-45). So I am losing the resources from those islands. It also makes it extremely difficult to finish any of the quests to open a Titan chest. For example, taking over 30 islands, or 20 ambrosia islands when 18 of them can’t be taken. And additionally, I used to be able to earn 200,000 gold every time I took back an island. And I could count on doing that at least 10 times a day. But that’s no longer a possibility. And this is after having dropped from 8200 trophies down to 7500 in a matter of 2-3 weeks. I mean they seriously could not have taken more fun out of the game if they had purposely set out to do so.

My second complaint/question pertains to the additional worker bonus. When I first joined this game it seemed like every 2 or 3 weeks there was an offer to get a new worker at a reduced cost of gems. But I created a new account approximately a month ago and have not seen the offer yet. So I’m wondering if flare games has cut back on their bonus offers, thereby making the game far less appealing to the new comer. Or in my case, a second timer. 

Now while the following isn’t a major issue, I’m wondering if Olympus Rising will be holding any new contests in the near future. Because I tried to enter the last one they held, but was unable to submit my entry because they had not submitted in time the paper work to license the game. So the security on my computer would not allow communication with flare games at that time due to their license having expired. That was way back last year. So how about a new contest in which your loyal subjects can earn a few gems? Pretty please, with a golden apple on top? 

for what purpose are people nowadays starting new (second or more) accounts (if they already have one)?

negative reasons that come to my mind are to exploit the game (gladly cursed chest can now by opened by fulfilling tasks and not by connections to other members) or for spy and destabilizing actions on other alliances.
a better reason is to raise a second (or more) alliance for training and raising teaching other members so they can join the major alliance once they are strong enough.
in between those two: player controlling more than one accounts within an alliance to double their VP (if no other active players can be found). anything else?

is it possible to make so many “mistakes” that there is a need to start all over again? (i dont think so)


all :how does it work when opponents are removed/exchanged from islands: do they have to be conquered by another player or is there a timeout? and are there any drawbacks for other players if e.g. wisdom island are captured by high level players if they are not attacked a lot (bc they are paired to lower level players like reported or other reasons).

why not match 70% of all opponents to the league you are (or maybe also have been when starting a new season), 10% one league above and 20% one league below. (in titan it would be 80% titan, 20% below). by doing so, unfair matchmaking should occur much less but ofc it need to put some more efforts into farming (which should be).

and in addition concerning alliance changes (as an anti exploit measure if above is implemented): why do you make some restrictions like during a season you can only change to teams within your league and below, but never upwards (this is only possible before a season stars or if your team gets promoted). so if you get kicked, you are out that season - too restrictive? more motivation?

but: matchmaking and trophies are already under review for changes, so lets see what we will get.


This is why some people do it. Not only because they made mistakes on their fist account, but because they feel like they understand the game better and could be more efficient in a second play-through. 

There’s a timeout. What other players do or don’t do doesn’t affect what happens on your islands. 

If you haven’t noticed, there is a huge difference between the best and worse players at levels ranging between 110-135. And much of the problems related to the poorer accounts is rooted in the bad plays they made in the mid stages of their time here. I’m level 121 in my older account and I have learned things this week that I wish I’d known in my first few weeks of play. I have no intention of joining the two accounts into one alliance. My other account is level 54. I informed the leader of that alliance that I wasn’t a newbie and that I had another account in which I was level 121. He asked me if I wanted to bring that account into the alliance as well, and I told him no. I have played with certain heroes and certain units for awhile now, and it’s boring. And I don’t feel like spending the resources and time upgrading heroes and units I basically ignored while focusing on some others. So the second account let’s me play around with different units and heroes. As well, I wasted a lot of precious enhancements on units I no longer use in my older account. So better placing of enhancements will make a big difference the second time around. But the main reason for two accounts is because I intend to start making youtube videos. And having 2 accounts will make the videos more entertaining to watch. That said, no one has addressed the issue of having not seen the bonus for purchasing cheaper workers. If flaregames no longer offers it I would like to know about it. Or perhaps it’s a glitch that they need to be made aware of. Maybe they think it randomly appears for the newer accounts when in fact it isn’t

Exactly. A lot of people have talked about their second account either in the comment section of the alliance or in whatever chat room the members meet in. I even asked someone in an alliance to move their second account to another alliance because it was too low. The guy didn’t like me asking - but he moved it.  

another reason would be if you want to try something e.g. combinations in the forge and dont want to waste items on your main due to the lack of informations the game provides - but maybe this is part of the game.

strictly speaking there are some terms of licence (, c.f. Licence 1.1:

but i dont want to be holier than the pope and i also was not aware of it from the beginning. to be honest: who ever reads this?

imho it is just far to easy to create double accounts, to share them (between players or devices) and autoplay does the rest.


if someone feels like restarting, someone can always deactivate the old account (again, i do not want to point with my fingers towards you)

and for unused accounts (i guess no one actively deactivates old accounts) there is a “garbage collector”


well i assume he moved to another alliance, weakinging the other alliance by not beeing as active as he could or by collecting informations

i still can’t think of a good reason to start over a gain if you reached lvl 100+ that’s a lot of resources and time, and probably some* useful oddessy bonuses you wont get back. Once you get to a good enough standard you can experiment with almost all heroes. 

As for the workers promotion, I thought only the first 2 workers came as a possible promotion package, after that FG know you’re hooked so no discount. I could be wrong maybe there is for the 3rd worker but I never saw it when I needed it.

Some people prefer the early game to the later game, too. Shorter build times, more variety, etc…

I think this is correct.