Is blacksmith event going to be a week as previous events?


Would be nice to have had some info on Friday if the event is going to be all week or a 1-2 day event. 



A week event. They already have hinted in last BS event that the next BS event will be a bit longer… Also the last two events makes it obvious. 

still it would be nice to know if a week meant 5, or 6 days (or actually 7 days, since you may know there are actually 7 days in a week)

You will know it. Let the event start. It’s just few hour to go. 

you mean like last week where in game said until sunday, even though it was ending saturday (until they changed it)?

I understand its not actually a big deal, since we can’t change it either way, but when you consider how easy it would be for flare to actually provide information…