Is Community Week now over?

I thought there was going to be something happening each day?


If you check, there are still 3 things to discover, spread out over the week. :grinning:

Yes I saw that but after yesterday I wasn’t sure if it had been cancelled.


The week ends on Thursday?

will the 3 things last more than an hour…

They will even last more than one day. :grinning:

The whole event will end on Friday 14th.

when is the second one coming out

i think t already started, the surprise is;  impossible perk towers in the gate of the ninja event lol

and i forgot what was the first one?

Boost defense :

  • Defensive Buildings are 35% cheaper
  • Defensive Buildings have 35% less building time
  • Waves are 35% cheaper
  • Waves building time is reduced by 35%
  • Worker price is -30%

This is terrible. Stop making these events!!!

8h cooldown for forging? This is mad. It’s a kick in the face for all the players who invest constantly time and/or money in this game.

The whole idea of regular events is bad. A whole week is sick. This is/was a build up game that take/took time. Looks like Flare wants to end the Royal Revolt and let all of us finish at max.

Btw. ninja reward system is still broken. Never saw this much frustration in a game chat like the last weeks in Revolt.

I agree with broken rewards system

but not agree about event

excellent event

Blacksmith event also will be till 14th?

That’s what I also wonder. If so, a lot of players will have a lot of pearls.

Now I wait with my spell upgrade, I expect offensive part soon.


It was said that all events within that “week event” will last till Friday 14th.

I didn’t see whether the boost defense event was still active is it ?


It is still on.


That’s cool, we will be able to make something of these events. Not like when it is only for 1 day

 i won 98 gems in the cof and the fricking game crash , i want my GEMS now!!! :angry:

Alysea when does the Blacksmith event ends? the 14th?


Do not give gems in first 2 chests

Do not give in 3rd chest unless gems spent earlier

Still given in chest, then just crash the game.

Feel sorry for you. :slightly_frowning_face: