Is dropping trophies worth it?

Not too long ago there was a player around level 75 I believe that had an open base clearly wanting to lose trophies. They got all the way down to under 800 and then made their defence normal again. My question is, is it worth the wait and why do players do it? Just so they can get more gold when raiding in matchmaker?

I currently have around 2,200

The main reason I have done it is so that I find newer unattached players to recruit from leagues and matchmaker, not for gold. Everyone has gold.

I dont recommend dropping trophies at all unless you cant win raids anymore at current trophy range


For me personally its very hard to find someone with enough gold worthy of a raid away from matchmaker. But matchmaker itself rarely gives me people that I have a genuine chance against

My trophies and level do not match my offensive troops/spells. I leveled up too quickly. Plus, either I use to be better or something fishy is going on because hardly anything I try works now

Drop trophies then since you’re not winning, grow stronger and climb again

It s ok, as long as you don t drop the trophies on my head

I dont mind if some one could drop their trophies on my head now , they give me like 50+ of them when i have <2000 but now i have 2300 trophies they just stop , i need 100 more for 50 gems lol

IGN : Soilwk

Yeah was a struggle for me to get to 2400 trophies but now that I passed it I can’t seem to drop back!

Easy, start a battle, and then quickly hide behind your tent

Oh I know. I just can’t seem to go through with wasting all that bread for no gold.

Must be my frugal Windows Phone upbringing.

You can always go for the gate destroy it 10 pro cent and then run back to your tent…

Get gold, loose trophies

You need very fast boots though

Yeah automatic raid for touching the base

Just gave you 86 trophies. Can’t give you more, because of the 3-raids limit.

Good luck with the 50 gems :slight_smile:


P.S. OK, gave you 114 now.

Feel free to give me some trophies so I can finally get to 2400 trophies then I can get my gems then finally drop down!

What’s your IGN and how many do you need?

My game name is

The Fresh One

The base I have is not what it normally is but I had to come to work so had to quickly muster something up. My problem is I get few trophies off people then a level 70+ comes and takes 9+ trophies from a walk through base compared to what they have to attack me with

Wow, you need more than 300 trophies. I can only give you 28-29 per raid…

I did try to post a picture showing a level 76 taking 11 trophies but says I can only have a picture no bigger than 147kb! I know I have a way to go its getting to the point where I don’t really know what to do. Give up and drop or try while getting raided by higher levels taking alot. If I do a completely open base will the higher levels get less trophies?