Is Eris worth buying?

Anyone here who owns Eris pal care to share their experiences on using it? i.e. whether it is good etc

I think its like with new towers

froms start its seems useless

but u must have them later)

im sure there will be new pro wolf and it will be amazing)

pro wolf :wub:

What’s the pro wolf?

Cromka is just speculating based on the pattern (of 2!) seen so far.  However, it would be like calculating Pi as 3.14141414… :slight_smile:


Its even was not my idea but i like it and i think this idea is worth)

i think will be 3 pro pals





lets see)

Was waiting for a pro Bucky ?

Celestial Scowl lol.

Or maybe the mutant panda!!

I thought they were going to change the Pro Shop or at least the pro pal.

BTW, is Eris really worth buying or should I leave it?

Hope they change pro shop soon. 

Eris looks so good. But waiting for pro Bucky ?

anybody who uses Eris can vouch fir it…i don’t want to waste 20000 crystals on it.

You mean 3.13131313…  :grinning: