At least at my team i see players not awere of finish forging click necessary to use forged equipment. I bet lots of players of the remaining world too. I think finish forging process is not  necessary. No example of that for other upgrades too. I think it will be better to remove that… 

You have right. Why put a Finish Forging process? why not just forge and after the time is over its done. Now we must remember we have forged some items and click on Heroes Temple,click the arrow,click Finish forging,etc…

Remove this for a better gameplay. this button its more annoying than helping

I think it’s helpful, I tend to forget what I started forging when the items are too many, but I would really want to see an additional ‘Finish All’ button at the forging screen, having to click each one in the inventory is soul-crashing.

Please leave finish forge button as it is.

It’s useful for keepin’ forging on hold for uncurse items requiring that (so you have time to equip the item to decurse before clicking on finish forge), and also when an item is “pending” finishing it won’t appear in the list of the usable items to forge other stuff. Which is good when you are forging several items and between hundreds of them you might end up using something you want to upgrade to forge something else.


Best is item get stats increase automaticaly when forging time ends but can be still seen in the menu for further forging or whatever… This can be better for less active players.