Is Fritz damage bugged?

A Max level fritz deals about 15k damage as per the display.


Primal howl has 75% weakness to ice.


Even if doubled, it should deal only 30k damage. How can Fritz one shot a Max level Howl? Is this a bug?

My first post wasn’t clear it seems.


A Max howl has about 130k hp++ and has a 75% weakness to ice.


Therefore, it would take 75k ice damage to one shot it.


Fritz spell (slide) can one shot it.


So it is either:-


  1. a display bug, where it’s supposed to show fritz doing 75k ice damage at level 10 ; or


  1. an actual bug where fritz is not doing just 15k damage as what it is currently shown, but way more than intended

same happens with normal wolfs and the ice spell. A 6k ice spell can hit kill a wolf with 30k life

@Sasch no answer after 2 weeks about the discrepancy on what’s shown as opposed to what’s in the gameplay. Is this also being looked into?