Is Frost Tower underrated?

I was testing my base just now, and I died in 3 seconds. The reason? Frost Tower. I’ve never focused much on defense, so I’ve had to use Frost Towers as filler, putting them wherever it would help to slow raiders down (example: near the beginning of a string of towers). However, it was actually the frost tower that killed me at the very beginning of my own base. I got careless and ran ahead, swordrain’d the two ogres (couldn’t kill them) and also got stuck in the Frost. Being slowed, my ogres easily killed me.

Now, obviously you can get around this if you’re careful. But I’m starting to wonder, is having a Frost Tower at the beginning of one’s base, a decent defense against careless chargers? Only in combination with strong first waves, of course.

Funny thing is, I was testing my base to view the effectiveness of the Frost Blasters. Instead I got Frost Tower’d :slightly_frowning_face:

I hate the frost tower. a gargoyle tower or snake tower in the same position would be more effective in my opinion


scream boost would have probably saved you from the ogres

I guess as it was at the start of the raid, even without scream boost, he could just have used his hero scream to undo the slow effect. 

And then, frost tower is “useless” / very weak.

Now you could argue the frost effect makes it still useful, but definitely no. Just use frosters, or maybe now the frost arblasters, giving the same slow effect^^

And sure, you can kill troops easier with a spell than a tower, but again, at start of raid, hero scream is immediately ready for undoing the slow effect. So I’d rather “sacrifice” 3 morale points on a wave for a froster, than “sacrificing” a whole tower slot for a frost tower :grinning:

Frost tower is useless, Froster/Frenzy Arb will do the same thing, and there are many more of them than a single frost tower.

max frost tower itself won’t be good, but couple with some skull tower might gv surprising effect, i tested some in my base with max frost tower , good in slowing down blazing knight and raging wolf then skull tower kills them. 

I am maxing out my two frost tower , like shyong said they are good vs blazing knights but of course it will never have a big impact unless Flare buff them or change the tower completely.They do however resist sonic blast very well , better than skull tower.