Is Gold capped in festivals?

So I’ve noticed or at least so it seems that the amount of gold you can get in festivals has a limit.
I think it started a few festivals ago…

I can’t find more than 1.6-7M per battle, which is strange I think, because in regular battle i can easily find 2-3M!
So I wanted to know if this also applies to others or if there is a way to gain more I don’t know ?

PS: I use gold set.

It’s not only gold that is odd. Gold indeed is lower than usual.

Around 3500 trophy level, I don’t expect 70%+ of the bases with prolonged high level pro, conquest boosts, boosted basilisk plus boosted necromancers. Around that trophy level we usually don’t face that kind of players. Now firebolts turn 40% of the army against you, while usually at lower pro boost level maybe 1-2 troops max are converted.

That would mean that matchmaker in my case favors players from teams level 70+. I a, sorry, but when something is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

Usually I can play festivals with farm gear (13k morale), while now I even had a hard time with full combat gear (27k morale, 100% scream!). This way you scare away players to play festivals. Lowering trophies now is no option, since tomorrow a ninja festival starts (there ninjas also are spiced up somewhat)

Yea!! Exactly, we face higher bases so theoretically, you should gain/find more gold in the battles.

Top players are always full 15/15M so the higher the trophies the higher the chances are that the player has maxed everything and so has more gold in treasure chamber.
BUT, for x y reasons this isn’t the case🤔
Festivals always puts you against higher trophies bases and thus I can’t understand.

Festival bases should be based on realistic defenses from similar player trophy level range (range 300) plus alliance levels not much higher than players alliance level.

According to me it’s pretty unfair to get festival bases that belong to players residing in much higher alliance level teams. What’s the point of getting a base full with (much stronger) boosts that current alliance not even is able to boost? Players nowadays get very unrealistic bases, that in normal situation they will not face! I hope intention is not to frustrate players and hope they scroll heavily.

I don’t see any fun at all for medium/lower team players being confronted with bases belonging to level 70+ alliance members. When during normal raids we face pro boosts max at level 1-2 (most lower/medium team can’t afford to prolong them), it’s quite overwhelming to suddenly face multiple pro boosts of level 3-4, plus all kind of other elite/conquest/war boosts altogether inside one base.

I think for festival bases for medium/low teams there also should be a cap on bases they can face depending on alliance level. They should not be confronted with bases of players residing in much higher alliances. Maybe alliance levels more than 5 higher should be filtered from possible bases.

I know dropping trophies gives lower bases, but since a festival now always starts just before a ninja event, that’s far from realistic.

So solution should be to hold reckon with alliance level when determining festival bases.

I still don’t see why strong people who have almost every troop and defense structure upgraded to max need gold… If anything, think high and ask for pearls instead of gold… :smirk::smirk::smirk: Demand pearls for forging…

for this is the grenny. with her we convert gold to pearls
the video shows how I turned 6 million into 137 pearls

LOL… IK about granny and blacksmith… I was just kidding… but look… with chamber full of gold, we get at most 300 pearls, when converted… what i am proposing is, how about we get 100 pearls for every festival battle… Not possible, but just an idea…

plus, when we directly get pearl, we need not melt… and yes, melting stuff takes a lot of time…

For pearls you have to improve blacksmith and unlock slots, it’s as simple as that. Need pearls? Raid either with luck gear plus Hans or go for gold and turn it into pearls. But main source should be blacksmith, it’s expensive enough to max that smith and unlock all slots, for that purpose that should be main source of gaining pearls.

Pearls should not be gained at all with festival raids, you get already more gold there. Otherwise blacksmith would become obsolete, pearls are very important to forge everything that is forgeable, including upgrtading guardians.

A full chamber of gold gives you 15*24 pearls (360). If you still have open inventory slots, save the most expensive ones for a blacksmith event.

I can answer that: because i want to upgrade more towers/obstacles and i want to buy granny items to melt.