Is gold donation cooldown cost always 100 gems max.?

After gold donation to alliance it shows that I can skip 24 hours cooldown for 100 gems.

I’d like to be sure, would it be the same 100 gems for consecutive skips?

For example, my alliance tower is max-ed, so I can donate 1M; If I want to donate let’s say 4M - I can do it by skipping cooldown 3 times in a row; would each skip cost the same 100 gems?

So, I would have to spend 300 gems and no more?

Not sure Mike … never done that though one additional over 3 days is the same so try one first.

Yes, 100 gems to skip the donation cool down time.

The CD will decrease as you get closer to the 24 hour window, like the last 2 hours or something.  But yeah, you can do it again and again. 


It seems the doubt was answered, so I’ll close this thread.

As always, if further discussion on the topic is wanted, you can always send me a message and I’ll open it again.