Is Granny's cat's beast female?

オス?.PNG メス?.PNG

What is her name with a more friendly face than Kaiser?

I was interested in this cat beast for a long time but I did not know where to ask.

I don’t know if it has a name, but I call it “Fluffy” ?


Interesting question. I’ve often wondered the same. I think I’ll stick with @KingThunderbolt4 and go with Fluffy :wink:  

i can only see granny in my kingdom, no more giant cat, anyone know why ?

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You are a lucky one!

The Granny has managed to tame one of these impressive beasts and is forever blessed by the luck and welfare it brings, but even the Granny doesn’t know the gender of it ? The beast just goes by beast, but we really like Fluffy though haha 

I call it Whywon’tyoujusteatthatuselessgranny. Nyan. (●´ω`●)