Is HS the only viable counter to Necros/skeletons? No troop counter?

Hey there, I often run shield/forged tc/BM because troop variety is fun and often times beats most bases, but Necros seem specifically designed to slow down an offense that is based around troops and not spells and especially seem to be a direct counter to BM as an offensive spell. Is there not any troops that can counter a Necro defense like Knights or something? Archers don’t seem like a viable option, even with 20k leadership. My only option seems to be switching BM for HS, but to me it doesn’t seem like a well balanced game if there is really no troop that can counter the Necro troop as there are troop counters for everything else.

Just wanted to verify my findings so far or maybe find suggestions from anything with a bit more practice with other troops and spells. I haven’t tried Knights yet because mine aren’t max quite yet.

Necros are indeed hard to kill using troops due to massive HP - maybe a flock of arblasters could tackle them, they’re fairly effective against big critters - and skeletons just plow through your army like it isn’t there. A surefire method to dispose of large numbers of skeletons is Kaiser but that comes with it’s own share of risks. HS works because you need to oneshot them, especially when there’re monks nearby. Since skeletons are weak to blunt and I don’t remember what necros are weak to (if anything), your choices are limited.

I need to come up with a method for Necro bases myself, they’re annoying as hell.

Necros are highly effective against piercing and frost.

I don’t use swordrain because mine isn’t maxed, but I sure love to one-shot (or almost) necros with my Blizzard :slight_smile:

Yes I’m still working on forging/leveling a lot of spells like swordrain and blizzard that both aren’t ready. I’ve heard rumor that the skeletons are weak to fire, I used to use Dragomancers against them but Dragomancers are also terrible against Phoebe, but clear lanes quite nicely of troops. Just have to find out how to fight Phoebe with only 2-3 troops instead of 3-4 in response to the lane clear benefit, because Pyros don’t follow closely like other troops, same problem with Arbs, great range has downside of not being grouped up to face down the beast.

I can’t help but wonder if Vikings are a secret counter to them pushing all the skellies back or something, but have to figure out how to even try some possible solutions, not to mention all the forging/leveling needed to even try those builds.

No, they’re not. Pyros are effective against Phoebe. You just need a LOT of them (like any other low morale troop).

Stop running ahead with your king so much. Build a big army and protect it. They will help you to easily defeat Phoebe.


Effective hard counters to Necromancers: anything arrow related (Swordrain, Archers, Arblasters).

Even Blizzard (max blizzard + 2 perks = one shot skeletons) and Frosters are also good.

A big army of Boosted Knights and paladins will do the job as well.