Is it 1 or 2 more tower upgrades before most pearl upgrades become obsolete?

Its come to my attention that since upgrades on towers and units add a direct percentage to hp and damage, and pearls instead add a set amount and/or get worse - pearl upgrades will actually become irrelevant in only 1 or 2 more upgrades…

Different abilities such as extra range and attack speed percentage will not be affected, but the rest will lose relevance - with the lose of relevance compounded exponentially by each new upgrade. 

Because of this I propose a fix to change all pearl upgrades into percentages…

You know, I was initially skeptical of your idea, and I started to type a couple of different responses.  I deleted both of them.

I now think what you are saying makes sense.

For example…

When upgrading the health points of a tower via forging (pearls), don’t give a flat-rate upgrade which diminishes with each progression.  Give a percentage-rate upgrade which diminishes with each progression.


Upgrade 1: +300

Upgrade 2: + 290

Upgrade 3: +230

Revised Idea:

Upgrade 1: +1.5%

Upgrade 2: + 1.1%

Upgrade 3: +0.7%

The precise numbers will be worked out by FG, to help prevent further nerfing.  But I think Tarnance has a good idea.

It could even be a retroactive good idea.  Existing upgrades could be converted to percentages at the change of a few entries on a table.  Of course, everyone would bitch, moan, complain, and threaten to quit … but, good idea or not, that is what we do.    




I hate the percentage because it is difficult to see value for pearls. I suggest mix the two and show the current value benefit in brackets.

Upgrade 1: +1.5% (300)

Upgrade 2: + 1.1% (291)

Upgrade 3: +0.7% (235)


More information from Flare seems like a thing people would find most enjoyable.