Is it compulsory that quests are collected when it appears ?

Is there any loss that i collect quest later in the game when i need it ? Because i dont need coins at some stages of game , so can i collect the later

I can collect your quest reward whenever you want

No it isn’t compulsory, you can collect quest whenever you want  :slight_smile:

At least with the gems dungeons it still works.


I just got a worker package last week, I had 1500 gems and the packaged was at 2500, so i did the 1000 gems dungeon and bought the package.

Wow 2500gems for worker package

How many worker did it offer aureo?

+3 workers and finish up the other 4 workers jobs for 2500 gems.


So now i have 7.

There is a certain risk of losing the reward if Flaregames does some updates and changes the rewarding system. I had this issue two times already, losing more than 1000 uncollected gems, which were not given back to me, I got the new “fancy” vouchers instead.

So I suggest to collect rewards as soon as possible, you can be sure only with you have already collected.