Is it Janus worth to buy if you already have Aska?

Not sure.Please help.

buy try and draw conclusions! everyone has his own style of play and the taste and color of a friend is not. I bought Janus today, found it sometimes useful but more love Ceres, it does not mean that I’m regret buying. Not prevent. On the ninja event I’ll try again. there is something more useful, where you can spend crystals?

aska and janus absolutely different pals for a different style of play

for 25 k cristals , no worth it for me.

I preffer aska to ceres , looking at janus pal test videos  on youtube Im not interested in spend 25k crystals in janus

Janus at higher levels can be good in controlling the troops that you would want near the gate. That might be crucial during war and ninja raids.

Aska and Ceres don’t allow that. (As informed by my brother)

Stick with Aska

I am also curios.


I have Aska, but I have not played with it yet, because I still need gold to max some things so I use Kaiser.


Janus on paper looks better to me. Because:

  • Aska gives “random” units. Meaning, I would need to adjust my unit stack. I have f.e. knight+archer+monk. I would have to play monk+archer+knight to get better units? This wold be a bitch because of muscle memory (windows player). With Janus, I can choose units which i need at the moment exactly. If I want a knight swarm in front of the gates, I can do that.

  • Aska gives extra morale points, but this is only important in the beginning of the raid (which is admittedly probably more important). But in the second half, with Aska, all units I create from hero morale will not make it to the gate anyway, so all units Janus transports are also extra morale.


That’s why I think Janus might be better for players who hold back at the beginning of the raid more, then rush the gate. Those who want to march forward faster should use Aska. So maybe Aska is better for stronger opponents. Duno :confused:

I think Aska is better in offense. My reasons why are these: 

  1. Aska is better in offense because when you are rushing to the gate, or are just low on troops, you don’t have to rely on having any troops there. It’s just POP and then you have the troops.

  2. Aska is also better because he does not use Morale to get units. If you are rushing ahead, most likely it is because of a beast or a large storm of troops. That means you have to beat them to the gate before they get to the tent. Janus will open a portal, not allowing you to spawn units from your tent in order to get the needed time to take down the gate, whereas Aska would spawn troops without using Morale, which means you take the gate down quicker and you can also spawn troops to stall enemies from taking down the tent.

I’m not sure about the defensive side of these pals, because I don’t know what the special ability of Janus is on defense. Portal doesn’t work with waves

Aska doesn’t give extra morale points. Those morale points are for Aska’s summonings. Everytime Aska’s special goes off, new units are summoned near the king.

So if your Aska has 10 morale points and monk is your 1st troop, you would get a monk near you every time Aska does it’s special.

Max aska will give u a wolf if first unit is wolf. Also if first 2 units are cheap it will give u both. You can also get paladin and ogre or archer and ogre. Aska is very valuable! 

Yes, but your hero morale points will not be deducted.