Is it just me or does your kingdom get weaker after gathering gems

I have been going through a series of epic fails, too many for my likings and too embarrassing to mention the number so if you’re reading this and a number comes to mind that would have you laughing I am pretty sure you picked the right amount. But I don’t think it is all me, I was wondering if the game could be designed this way once you have allot if gems?


I find every time I have sufficient amount of gems (500 +) my hero suddenly has difficulty in battle, even with my list of favorites that I normally demolish without a problem would thereafter take me to near death or I exhaust my time in defeating them or actually defeat me, leaving me literally with the biggest WTF feeling ever. 


Just recently by raiding the diamond vault tombs, I accumulated 1500+ gems, I have been gathering gem because I’ve read from other bloggers to save gems as best as possible til after level 70. Well since accumulating the 1500+ gems I found I can’t win a battle to save my life. I thought I was just imagining that RV2 was against me, as if it has embedded code to weaken the hero once a quantity of gems is gathered causing the player to have to use them up. Of course when you’re losing you want to blame everything but yourself, so I dismissed the thought, but then during my last battle it took me three swings to wipe out a knight, a FRICKEN KNIGHT! Actually it was two of them which took 3 swings each. My weapon isn’t the greatest yet, (thanks allot granny) but it takes one and a quarter swings to take out a knight (Yes I have calculate the number of swings need to defend myself), but most times if I have to attack a knight at all, one swing does the job so what the hell?? 


Naturally this made me wonder if all my other suspicions were true, like all of a sudden every opponent’s towers and barricades seem to be upgraded ridiculously higher than my hero & forces can handle and how when I was without gems,  within 10 to 15 searches, I could find Kingdoms to raid with 400k treasure or more, now it take 30 or more tries using the “new enemy” button and if I should find one they kick my butt.


So, considering just less than 1500+ gems ago I was terrorizing my opponents, racking up 2 million coins in 4 to 5 battles and defeating kingdoms ranked 300 more than mine, why the sudden change to being every kingdom’s punching bag? Am I alone with this? Has anyone else experienced a similar lack of ability to destroy kingdom’s after accumulating large quantities of gems? And if its Royal Revolt’s way of encouraging players to use up their gems does anyone have any strategies?


Thanks you all



I’ve never experience any issue like this with 0 gems or 8500 gems.Maybe it was you moving up too high in the leaderboard ? If this was intended (hero weaker with more gems) than top players won’t be able to be so strong am I right ? They sometimes bought 20k gems but still maintain ranking in top 10 raiding as usual so most probably it was just you moving too high up and facing a stronger opponent.

You are too high in the leaderboards for your level, losing the trophies will get you balanced out at some point. About your favorites, well they are also upping their defences aren’t they?

Thanks, I see the logic in that, it makes allot of sense, but I just gathered gems from the tombs which didn’t raise my ranking nor pushing me further up the leaderboard, so thats why I thought it a little suspect. I have already experienced how all of the special offerings from granny and the shop stops as soon as you have a sufficient amount of gems (very clever and greedy of Royal Revolt) so who know? 


Never the less thank you for giving me some other perspectives to take into account

I appreciate.


sounds like a placebo effect

I had and I have the same problem but not with gems, with trophies. I’ve already written to Flare about and I got video to prove the differences when I go upon 4000 trophies. It seems my king and my troops get more sensible to opposite’s defenses…as you said, when I am below 4000 trophies I can easily raid the King XY path but when I go upon 4000 trophies, I badly loose with the same King XY path and I proved not only once…

Same problem here… Loosing too many battles which was too easy before… This update is giving me many problems…

Ya nithin, but for me (and I think for monty) the problem is not this update…I had this problem before. I don’t see any change with this update, I see problems below or above 4000 trophies with this and the past version… :grinning:

Yeah, for me, its not an update issue.


However in the past I found if I upgraded a spell, a troop or a piece of armour then a balance returns to the game. The impossible kingdoms became child’s play again and soon all is forgotten, but it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that a simple gathering of gems, which didn’t change any of my ranking status or Hero & Troops strengths results in the same Kingdoms that were easy to defeat suddenly becoming very difficult if not impossible. Just as Bolz1 mentioned issues with trophies or even if a player moves up a level or ranks, the logic should be that for the most part all your favorite raids should still be just a destructible as they were three minutes ago with the exception of a few who possibly had upgrades in the interim, but certainly not all of them and not every time either.


But its all good, I just made put my kingdom in upgrade mode, it’s gonna take 5 days for all of them to be done, hopefully this fix works as in the past, but we are talking 5 days here, plenty of time for my Favs to become more formidable. 

My king started dying like a wimp after reaching Level 50. He don’t even make it to the enemy’s gate just dies shamelessly halfway there. Even when attacking a lot lover level kings castle. I don’t have lot of gems. Maybe this started happening to you after level 50?