Is it just me or is it increasing hard to even get the second chest in CoF?

I cant help but notice I can rarely get the second chest when it never took so long. I think it is now (FOR ME) 1 in 10-15. Cant remember when I last got 3 chests bur wont get into that

It has been the same for me since the last war season

I haven’t gotten anything good in CoF in months. All I get is tickets and Gold which I don’t need.

It’s not only the second chest. First one they said 75% chance on success, but it feels like 50%. After being fortunate at first chest, second should be 40%, but it feels indeed like it became more hard to pick the right one. Well… during cooldown I don’t care, I still remember the time that we didn’t have CoF and so I see it as a bonus. Maybe we are just very unfortunate.


Without spending gems after a bad one, I got gems only once in 2 months. In war seasons this lower chance on first chest is annoyIng because it feels like they try to force us to open chests by spending gems. As keader I explicitely tell players that we don’t expect players to waste gems on that.

In my case, I don’t get gems in third chest since almost 2 months maybe? Don’t know if the problem is level up my hero or something linked that could change my chance to find them…


Same here oPelle. Earlier I would get gems ins 3rd chest every few days but now nothing for almost 2 months. 

So, you are still lucky, because I NEVER got gems in cof, never.

Never got 3rd chest if it offer gems, never for a very long time.

Same here, it makes out I was going to get 30-70 gems alot but that’s never going to happen on a rigged thing like that. Also like others I am getting 3-5 vouchers, maybe 10k-20k in the first chest and when I finally get gear (once) its alot worse than what I already have!

We get gems only when we are new to game,otherwise its all setup,that we don’t get any gems chest after that,in my case its been 5 to 6 months since I have got any gems.

My new account hasn’t got any/hardly any from chests and is now level 31. Even harder getting first or second chest on that account (iphone)

When i was lv 1~15 it like 1000000000000% to win 3rd chest with like 10k gold or 4 gems . Now it offer 74~93 gems but with 0.000000000000001% chance .LOL