Is it Marksman Cup or phoenix cup this week in pro league

Topic says it all, i stil can see pro league marked as marksman cup for this week

Sory wrong tag earlier, corecting it @Madlen

They like bug it’s all i can tell.

Actually Pro league is starting a few minutes later from now and the good news is that android gameplay is bugged yet…

If you don’t know i mean that touch unresponsiveness bug in andoids

its Marksman Cup without boost and pal…

Boost is also wrong. It should be tainted love 

Haha As i said Bugged

I have no power for this. I am also DEV but so many errors … :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi guys ?️, you are right, the Marksman Cup has started…due to a technical error.

Please see my comment here:

We are sorry for the confusion.