Is it normal not to get leadership ring or belt for 6 mounth?

I got gramy every 2 weeks, even than, i never got leadership belt or ring, why???

Im 93 lvl with ring and belt of 500 leadership!!

Even when i spin the weel i spent 300 gems and no leadership items, all the time its scream boost and hp.

Sadly, these two are very rare item. for whatever reason.

I wouldn’t say it’s normal but it is difinitely common. Till level 92 I was forced to use not a legendary 300+ leadership belt since level 80. My ring is out of date too.

Now I understood that have not seen boots with leadership.


(only in wikia)


Never? Or just forget about their existance

Thx mic

I got yesterday boots with 600 leadership, but didnt bought it, wind boots is better than leadership boots, many time need to ran to the gate and spown there mummys

its rare items , I use 324 (from level 69) leadership belt until level 80+ and now only have a purple belt at 430 leadership.Never seen anything better  :slightly_frowning_face:

Each player has their own type of item that they are not offered. For me it is boots… no better boots offered for last 8months+ where as I have leadership of both 900+ on belt and ring for a long time (around lvl90 and now I am at 94)

here my actuell stats:

ring 1520 leadership

belt 1584 leadership

wind boots 29,5 % (i waited for this one a half year or longer)


if you want your max item for your king level, spin at granny.

it is not cheap but if want them …

Fo me its boots and capes.I can only get capes with higher leadership and low screem boost or I can get a cape with low leadership and even power scream boosts.As far as boots go all i seem to get are boots with leadership or defenses.I can’t seem to score a pair of boots with a decent wind incease ratio.