Is it normal rr2 ask 14,2 GB?

A friend of my showed me this picture.  Is it normal rr2 asked 14,2 GB?

is it space? what is the problem?

With me rr2 asked 149Mb, with him 14,2 GB

Safari 5.9 gb?)

Depends on the time-frame.

481Mb on my tablet

Yeah, what timeframe we’re talking about here? Mine has eaten ~158 MB in 3 weeks so it can accumulate over long periods (most of this is ads btw). The 132 MB is update over wifi, unrelated to general game data usage.


the size is not normal over 433 MB. For data usage I have a limited data usage so I check often and I notice all depend of how many video you watch. Its the Vungle Ads Video who drain the size. by example without video you data can be at 50 MB for 1 week. Watch 20 video or more and you are already at 300 MB+ for 1 weeks. Its close 10 MB per video

It’s acumulated internet usage hope u r on unlimited data lol