is it possible to get 600 trophy in 8 hours or less

I got this crazy player, he always attacking me  multiple times a day, yesterday he only rank 4300 and ican easyly hit him back, usually i attack him back only once and getting more than enough money from his base as collateral. But after i go to sleep he hit me again like 5x and his rank goes to 4900+ and the worse part is now his defense become overpower and can only get 1/3 of his base, and strangely even he is 600+ trophy above me when i hit him i lost quite amount of trophy, the think that actually should not happen when you hit someone at higher level (10+ level) with more than 500+ trophy yet that thing hapoened today. Is it possible just like magic  in less than 8 hours somebody got so many trophy and his base become so strong? And what is suddenly strong from his base is his ninja even with maxed tc those ninja is not die, that quite strange.

Possible and pretty easy. You need 2 things a though defense and Farm Gear

farm gear will allow you to farm base at +10-+12 trophy for a cost of 50 foods or less. So if you are double full with Silo + Farms. 2800 and if you boost farms. You can get 300-500 trophy in 30 minutes or 1 hour. So with the Farm Boots will allow you to gain others trophy like 50-100

Remember in defense he can get +50-+64 trophy for each fail at 0%-3%. Some can drop trophy on him


Yes very easy to do like Warriornator said. He is baiting you to attack him and lose. I do this all the time with setting up lower level towers and junk just to change them out for the high level stuff. It is actually fun to see people get caught up in it.