Is it prohibited to play with some PC family accounts?

Let’s rewrite

I entrusted my friend with a lot of tickets and  Request for a pro league score and Phoebe.

Switching his family account、My friend gave us three 1,700 scores in my alliance.

However, Flare excluded “さぶちん” from the professional league.

It would be strange to ban this in a game downloaded and played by family members.

Why does Flare stop playing at random? He does not use tools, bot or cheat. He has not done anything wrong.

Everything is a score that was born with his playing skills.


 Do not need to do things that  can not do fairly to all users.

”The account has been banned from the Pro-League for violating Terms of Service in regards to running multiple accounts. ”

A friend sent me an answer of Flare. I am not convinced of this Flare’s answer this time.

Flare ,If you do this kind of thing, you should talk to the Microsoft Store or Google Play so that only one device can be downloaded from the beginning to one device. It ends as a game though.

From now on how many family members’ game accounts will you spoil it in the middle?



I’m confused here, cause from your description you said the following

In other words, he used 3 accounts in order to scam the system and get more points for the alliance. This is, in fact, against the Terms of Service, so he gets banned. But, @GalaMorgane @flaretara @Nikko, I think the new thing you guys need to do, instead of immediately banning people like this, is to give them a warning, at least, the players who use multiple accounts. I know that there are MANY players who do not know the Terms, so I think it’s only fair if you give them a pop-up that says:

WARNING! You accessed multiple accounts during this Pro League. This is against the Terms of Service which you have agreed to. Please reread the following , and then you guys put a link to the Terms of Service so that they can go over it

I think this would be a good way to see who deliberately goes against the Terms and who just does it for the good of the alliance, not knowing that it’s against them. Now, I’m not excusing those people for not reading the Terms of Service, but not many people do, so it’s fair to let the multiple account people off with a warning, thanks

for  AwesomestKnightest and Flare

For example, we have no idea how many reasons are prohibited.

Of course, using a tool or BOT to handle a lot of accounts places a burden on the game system. It goes without saying that it is a prohibited matter.

However, players who switch playing PC family accounts will not fall under prohibitions.

Even if you think about it, it’s natural for PC settings.

If this is a violation
・Is Os selling so that it can be set so bad for Flare’s rules  ?
・Is Microsoft and google play not selling this game for each account?
・Are you not flaring not to sell Royal Revolt 2 to users with family accounts at Microsoft or Google Play?
・Does family that does not change device or IP are bad?

It is not fair or impartial to randomly punish these without mentioning anything.

For parents who help 7-year-old children who have brothers and sisters,The scope of Flare’s rules will be too unexpected.

Pop-ups are nice, though. But what I think is that the problem is deeper.

If this becomes a rule they have to explicitly state on this on the download site

”It is forbidden to share with your brothers and sisters and parents on the download screen of Royal Revolt 2. If we find an account with the same IP we will promptly dispose of it.”

Like this one. Of course the number of users will decrease.

But without mentioning this quickly you will never be in a fair game.






I understand for Flare its not easy to make the difference between a players with 5 accounts vs a familly with 5 accounts for 5 different person also on the same device,etc…I don’t know I think this game can attrack more people if Flare find a way to allow a familly to play this game. but like Gala have said its a mobile game and not a triple A game. So the possibility for mobile are limited. Its actually not possible for a familly to play this game. Because you have the same IP,etc…One person by IP

no warnig please, ban multiple accounts, sharing accounts and cheaters immediately

Of course, I can not distinguish it.Of course my Childrens  is also playing this game. I am using both an android terminal and  PC .

They all have their own names. When children download it before “agreement”, it becomes like this.

Microsoft’s app shows age classifications over 7 years old. There is no other point of note on this Japanese download screen.

It is an application download in Japanese.

Parents must translate and children do not understand.

*We offer our apps only to persons who are 16 years or older. This means that we do not process any data of persons who are younger than 16 years of age.

You should write it in Japanese under the age category of Japanese Microsoft applications. What do you do with the data of 15years old to 7 years old?

*Google Play IDs and Game Center IDs can be saved to allow login from multiple devices.

Is it still possible to use the same wifi at home?
Is such a thing written in the “contract”?

 *Detailed information about the data collected by Google Play and Apple App Store, Windows Store and other stores may be obtained from the data protection statement of the respective store. flaregames processes this data to the extent it is provided by the stores and necessary for downloading the games app to the user’s device, as well as for the operation of the games app. The data is not stored for any other purposes.

Let’s paste it twice because it is the point of an important rule. It seems that an important statement is written on the Japanese download page.

*Detailed information about the data collected by Google Play and Apple App Store, Windows Store and other stores may be obtained from the data protection statement of the respective store


Microsoft アカウントにサインインしているときにこのアプリを入手し、最大 10 台 の Windows 10 デバイスにインストールできます。 

You can get this application when you are signed in to a Microsoft account and install it on up to 10 Windows 10 devices.)

Is it about this? Their application is downloaded in Japanese on the download site, but is there a “fake billboard”?

cutcher Please tell me what you mean by reading this agreement. Whether IP can be shared or not at all Where are they written?



Of course I will keep the rules.
Please let me know everything before downloading.

If there is a rule for the partner, would you want me to tell you everything before you get married?

It will be confusing if a partner changes suddenly. I’m almost completely unaware of the RR2 game I love now…

Was it such a game? Did I just start playing this game today? One year and six months have passed…My level is 130

I seem to have not noticed the change of RR 2 when I was old enough…

You guys still do not understand what I mean?

 @GalaMorgane @flaretara @NikkoIt’s the download page
Just surround it Please change this from Japanese to English and explain to me what you mean

Or should I do this in the lower right and report to Microsoft?



サインイン してこのゲームをマイクロソフトに報告する



Microsoft アカウントにサインインしているときにこのアプリを入手し、
最大 10 台 の Windows 10 デバイスにインストールできます。 

”Get this application while signing in to a Microsoft account,
You can install on up to 10 Windows 10 devices.”

Anyway it’s written that you can install 10 times here. That is 10 accounts.



In this case I have to disagree. Microsoft allows you to install the app on up to 10 different devices of your choose with 1 (one) Microsoft account IF you do so via the Windows App store with a Microsoft account linked. Aka you do not have to register/link a Microsoft account to the Windows App store as you can still install Apps from the Windows App store without it.

If you open up your Microsoft account you will have the option to see which devices are part of that 1 (one) Microsoft account.


I checked the device information. Thankyou. @CaptainRoyalRevolt

My device is Windows 10 Home and Android tablet. I also install this game on android so that I can take it even at the destination.(This is downloaded from Google play instead of Microsoft)

Microsoft family…Now I will manage my family’s account .I downloaded RR2 as well… I downloaded game software(as an example…Mine craft)

Of course, this game is also for children to play often. Children change the color of the main character or change pal
They are playing on a simple stage. This my child’s account process and friend’s account process are the same.

Why can not RR 2 allow things that can be set and created by Microsoft?

My son likes Aki and Asuka. And he now wants Janus.I bought an offer and a gem and got it and I participated in the league for Janus and I gradually saved crystals. He will play with his account. (Under the management of parents)It is equal to the state where playing in this way is forbidden?

But the operation of the game suddenly deprives the pro league from son’s game account and takes away his chances to get  Janusu.
This is incredible. What they did to a friend 's account is this.

Even if I translate the terms of this game, even if I look at the download site or look at Microsoft’s settings, there is no need to prohibit players playing in this state.

“Be sure to synchronize the main account and all accounts first” There are no such rules anywhere. Of course there is no guide from the system from RR 2.

Who decides suddenly this kind of thing? When will the notice come? I also want to ask in Japanese.

You need to turn in a ticket with Flare. No one here can help you. But I have found them to be a lot more helpful recently. If you’re not exchanging tickets between your accounts you may have a shot at reversing the ban. 

This is not a problem with my account. It is a story that happened with a friend’s account. (No wonder when I get the same thing happens.) Of course, I will try to buy tickets as much as possible with gem or One Time Offers. everyone, Thank you for telling me everything.

Your friend needs to turn in a ticket with Flare over the ban. 

Here is the link to support

Oh, how I love doing part of Gala’s job for her :lol: 

I sent e-mail to Flare for the first time

”Please understand that we are only able to discuss matters pertaining to other players’ accounts with the owner of the account due to privacy reasons. 
Please ask this user to contact us directly so that we can discuss this matter with them. ”

This was the answer. It is too bad as a leader of the alliance who handed the ticket and requested it.

I got my friend to send Flare 's reply by e - mail… This is also · · ·. Of course he sended  a reply.

He is waiting for the second reply . His tickets can  move, but his league is stopped.