Is it the end of Boost your defense, offense and castle events ?

Seriously, it’s been month since we had these events ? Alliance party again ?


It’s like the “Boost your thingy” events are off the schedule. Last Castle was in july, Defense in may and Offense in April.

Just a bit more. Players are starting to max out all towers and units again already. After that, then they will give you Offense/ Defense Event. lol

Exactly, I just need 7 more towers when the current upgrades are ready and done (5 workers). Then 16 obstacles. So around somewhere in the new year we will get such an event, nut it’s more likely we don’t get them any longer.

Maybe circulation system is between alliance party, blacksmith, granny event plus some pal events. I would not be surprised if we don’t get those events any longer. Too bad, it was handy to upgrade farms during such events that shortened upgrade time. 

I hope that we soon get a community week like last year, that was awesome.

Yes, the community week from August had a boost your castle/defense event in it “Uber Boost Days” with following bonusses:


But apart from that, you don’t see them very often anymore…

maybe they don’t do it because subscriptions allow to reduce that time…

guess it is just a way to push players buying a sub hehe

In my crystal ball i see … drum roll… a community week starting next week, including uber boost days :wink:

Are you sure Mogor .

obviously after update they should have to provide community week.

Exactly. There is a lot of work for everyone to do. We need gold (treasure hunt would be great), we need to speed up upgrades of towers and defensive structures(boost your defense), Max spells and troops (boost your offense) and some other thing. Any of the others would be fine like pearl madness. We don’t need a pal event.

I hope soon there will be a community week, just like the first one. That was the best I can remember very well, especially the pearl madness with forge cool down just 8 hours, 40% discount per slot and an enormous improvement of pearls plus reduction in seconds per pearl. honestly, only that as event for a week, would make a lot of us happy.