Is it too much to ask, flare? (apparently it is)

I’ve been bitching about it for ages now and since apparently you lack genius coders, flare, I’ll tell you how to fix it myself, in 3 simple steps. It takes under 1 minute of work (finding what needs changing and launching editor apps included) and is so simple a piece of furniture could do it. And it’s free, too!

step 1) open the source file with the search player function or the one with definitions for it.

step 2) change trophy range step from 500 to 100 (or even 50).

step 3) save file.

Upon next compile the player search function will miraculously become useful for scrolling through players. You’re welcome, flare.

Tell 'em!

WHAT!!! Take this scoundrel to the dungeon. How DARE you even think YOU have a solution to enhancing this game. You Sir should be banned from this kingdom. You should know how hard it is to even connect to the internet with using smoke signals! You cant! Keep up the good ideas they like… oh no wait they cant read. Might want to try different method of communication like say CLAIRVOYANCE.

It’s not quite that simple. To understand flarescript and how difficult it is to change, see the link below:

Hmm, I’ve long suspected the game is beyond flare’s control, maybe it’s actually a sentient entity (RR2=Skynet?)…

Perhaps I should appeal to the game itself instead of it’s creators. Does it like cookies?

Bump to remind flare that I’m not letting this go.

Unfortunately the person that is paid to interact with it’s player base isn’t doing their job.

500 is maybe too big, but between 100 and 500jump, I would prefer 500.
I don’t want to be having to click so many times when wanting to search up or down.

say I wanted to search max 4k target, for me with 100 jump I would need to press the down arrow 30 times. Not to mention if i wanted to search lower.


That would still be faster than pressing down 30 times on a filtered list to get from max 4k to 3600, as you don’t have to load players data. How about making it so you’d just hold the button? Or just let players input the numbers via keyboard instead of tapping/clicking +/-?

It would be good to minimize trophy range for most players, but once you get higher in trophies,  we need a larger trophy range to avoid matching the same players over and over.