Is Janus any good?

I have sufficient pro-crystals to buy one, but I don’t know if I buy one or buy Phoebe to donate to my alliance

For me, Janus is just an ok pet. You need your own moral points to spawn units when Janus open it’s portal. So, it’s all depends on your leadership. If you have aska and Ceres, and don’t know what to do with your EXTRA UNUSED CRYSTALS, then go for it. Else, use your crystals for something else.

Have a good day!

Thanks, I think I’ll just save a little more crystals to buy gear and Phoebe then

Aska is doing his job just fine for me right now

I have bought Janus and upgraded to level 8. I thought it would be perfect for me as I always had the problem suddenly being without any troops. The portal should change my problem.

But it didn’t. 

Janus has two problems for me:

  1. You just can’t see when Janus had opened a portal. The portal is like Phoebes heal puddles, but in violet. And this is where the problem lies: your own troops cover the portal as they stand above it, so you have no clue a portal is open. So you can’t use it and take advantage of it. There is no visual indicator the portal is active.
  2. Janus petrifying attack. Janus would be better without it. The problem with petrifying is that while an opponent is petrified it can’t take any damage. So you are protecting opponents from damage during that time. Using your spells during that time is a total waste. 

My advice: stay with Aska.

Thanks @Eyja, I definitely won’t get Janus in the near future now

I wanted a substitute for Ceres besides Aska, but that won’t be possible for now

janus is very good. aska is limited - her summoning power and can only summon 1 unit every now and then if it costs a lot of morale. With janus you decide what you need and you can summon more than Aska and dont care about chokepoints.

It is a lie. You can always see when he is going to open his portal- every pal has to load his ability before it can be used and it is visible on thescreen on the “scream” button

Thanks for calling me a liar! Appreciated!

Your nose implicts, you are a liar!  :wink: :grinning:

Is a liar that lies telling the truth? ?

Anyone who uses Janus after the update? 

In my opinion you can still not see his portal.

This pal is still useless.

Same for me. Don’t notice any change. Still not good. 

Hi @CATO & @orko,

we have not announced the change yet in the official announcements for version 4.2 (it was not in the patch notes on purpose) , that means it is not on live yet. We will inform you, once the change is enabled. :slight_smile:


LOL, thanks Madlen, I thought it was already live.

Funny, that some of the users could see already a change.  :wink:


They are discussing about the Portal, and the changes to the Portal were in the official announcements for 4.2 and are already live 

The beam is permanent now, as I suggested, but the transparency and the color still make it hard to see in the middle of an army:

You should make it more like this
That’s part of the effect for when troops come through the portal,

]( after it starts losing opacity from full bright white.